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byDesign Modern Bird Strike Series Window Film

Protect Birds and Your Windows with the Most Effective Window Films

Images or patterns can be applied to a building’s glass providing visual cues that alerts birds that these are solid objects and need to be avoided. Cities across North America are taking action to make their buildings bird-friendly, and the Bird Safe Building Act was recently reintroduced to the U.S. Congress.

At Chroma Window Films, we use byDESIGN Modern Bird Strike Series film from Solar Gard to help avoid window damage and protect wildlife. This Bird Strike film is available in horizontal and vertical stripes and a dot pattern.


Bird Strike Window Film
Modern Bird Strike Horizontal
Bird Strike Vertical Stripe Window Film
Modern Bird Strike Vertical
Modern Bird Strike Dot Pattern Window Film
Modern Bird Strike Dot

byDesign Frost Window Film

Mimic the Look of Frosted Glass

byDesign Frosted Window Films and are a great way to add varying degrees of privacy to your windows. These etched privacy window films are especially desirable if you live in an apartment and have windows or doors adjacent to your neighbors or in close proximity to the street. They are also popular films for businesses and offices allowing for privacy while privacy while still letting light in.


Modern Crystal Frost Window Film

Modern Crystal Frost

Modern Misty Frost

Modern Misty Frost

Modern Safety Frost

Modern Safety Frost

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