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Transform Your Space with Post-it® Flex Write Surface

3M’s Post-it® Flex Write Surface is a whiteboard film that can be installed on existing whiteboards, tables, desks, and walls. It can be erased without leaving stains, even when permanent marker is used. To erase permanent marker from Flex Write Surface, simply dampen a cloth with water and wipe away the “permanent” marker. It’s that easy.

Flex Write Surface is perfect for inspiring collaboration in offices, conference rooms, and schools. Just like a Post-it® Note, it can be repositioned from place to place. For example, you can initially install Flex Write Surface in one room and then relocate it to another, instantly transferring your collaborative ideas to a new location. No cleanup is necessary when moving Flex Write Surface from one location to another.

Post-it® Flex Write Surface is safe for use with common disinfectant sprays.*

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